We empower INNOVATORs
TURNING smart ideas INTO business.

We, a professional and trusted network of Experts and service providers, excite, enable and empower Founders & Innovators with a wide range of expertise to get straightforward and efficient solutions.

Our passion and skills are all about bringing new ideas to life. As 'The Expert Company', we enable existing or new team members with one or multiple capabilities or even take over the entire workload to us - based on pricing models which makes sense in every situation.

Our Expertise

Startup Expertise

Vision, Market-Positioning, Business Model, Customers, Product-Market-Fit,Pricing, Roadmap, Business Plan, Goals, Investor Deck

CTO Expertise

DigitalStrategy, Digital Business Modell, Digital Transformation

Fundings & Funding Expertise

Investments, Structuring

Board Expertise

Active and supporting Board Member

CFO Expertise

Financial& liquidity planning, Resource planning, Investment appraisal, Valuation, Risk Mgmt, Reporting (external), Taxes

Sales Expertise

Sales Strategy, Business Analytics & Reporting, Growth & Business Dev., Distribution & Partner Channels, Coaching & Performance

Human Resource Expertise

Culture, Recruiting (-Processes), Employee Onboarding, Employee Development, Employee Administration, ...

Marketing Expertise

Branding, Website, Social Media, Lead Generation, Funnel Building, Conversion Optimization, Lead -> SQL Process, Aligning Marketing & Sales

Information Technology

Modern Workplace, IT Security & Compliance, Tooling / Customizing / Processes, ...

Finance Expertise

Accounting,Controlling, Financial Analysis / Performance, Reporting (internal)

Legal Expertise

Legal advice & consultation, Contract review & drafting, Corporate legal support, IP protection, Employment law, M&A

Our Experts

Philip Nussbaumer
Partner & Startup- / Innovation-Expertise
My passion is to bring new ideas to life. I love and live entrepreneurship.
Michael Borell
Partner & Sales Expertise
Enabling sales teams with analytics based strategies and operational sales best practices.

Sebastian Wowra
Partner & Funding Expertise
Roger Basler
Digital Business,Marketing & Social Media Expertise
I strongly believe that we can only move forward as a society if we share our knowledge
Maria Witte
Science and R&D Grants Expert
“I’m here to guide your business towards the pot of gold at the end of the R&D rainbow with expertise that bridges innovation with funding strategy.”
Jonathan Hanhart
Mechanical engineering / Product development
We enable the technical implementation and market launch of sustainable product ideas.
Anina Kuoni
Legal Expert
Advising and representing companies regarding all issues in employment law
Philipp Leo
Cyber Risk Expert
A Trusted Ally in Navigating the Intricate Landscape of Cyber Risk
Steffen Hey
Grant Consultant & Finance Expert
Enabling finance teams with structured project management to be an efficient business partner as well as acquisition of R&D Grants for Innovators.
Natascha Frei
Marketing Expert
I support entrepreneurs and employees to get the best out of their existing resources.
Oliver Scheffert
Corporate Development
Dedicated to empowering software vendors, I specialize in driving sustainable growth by intertwining Leadership, Culture, and Sales Performance.
Fabienne Roos
People & Performance Expertise
Building a productive and motivated team, maximizing performance potentials, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement is crucial. This ultimately leads to sustainable company growth and innovative success.
Patrizio Marinaccio
IT Expert
We are the partner for your SME on its path to the digital world! Individual and personal on your side.
Oliver Gabor
Team accelerator and workshop Expert
Optimizes business processes and team collaboration through creative workshops, where he playfully addresses individual challenges and promotes solutions.
Frank Zurbriggen
Accounting & Taxes Expertise
I’m here to help you built up the accounting, the businessplan, the financeplan, all optimized concerning taxes.
Julien Weissenberg
Artificial Intelligence Expert


'UNFILTERED', our lastest podcast episode


Michael Kubli
“With the last investment round, we wanted to implement a new and professional sales approach. In close collaboration with TEC, we found the right tools and managed to build effective sales processes, analytics and dashboards. All of that helped us a lot to improve our market position."
Rinaldo Lieberherr
“We at UPGREAT play often a role as an incubator in some areas. TEC helped us to bring a bunch of innovation forward and to life. Two of these initiatives were govy.swiss and Modern Workplace where we not only worked on technology topics but got results from a business- and commercial view too."
Max Ziegler
"With 'Himmel am Berg' we transformed our hobby into a professional business. TEC helped us to position ourself in the market, to create a business plan and ago-to-market strategy. Last but no least we built the whole online store and the logistic based on the experience of the TEC guys."
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